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Printer Dialogue Box Doesn’t Show Up ?

I have been experiencing this problem lots of time. And i found the solution after searching from the web.

if your printer dialogue box doesn’t show up after you hold CTRL P (or click Print Icon), It could be that there is something wrong with your printer spooler.
or whatever it is.

First try to do this solution:

Open Command Prompt.
start -> Run -> cmd
(type cmd inside Run window)

then you will see command prompt window
then type

net start spooler

then press enter
then the printer spooler will start.
after that don’t close the window, and check the printer again, if it’s working or not.

if it’s working then so be it 😀
but if it’s not maybe there’s soemthing wrong with the driver, or maybe the printer itself. XD


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Convert FAT32 to NTFS

I had a problem when i was going to copy a program which is more than 4 GB to my USB.
I searched the web and i found the answer.
It was said that i need to change the type of my USB. It was at first FAT32. We cant copy more than 4 GB (each copy) in FAT32 mode, but we can, in NTFS mode.

so we gonna change it.

just plug your USB to your laptop/pc.
then open Command Prompt.

Start -> Run -> cmd.

and then type: convert e: /fs:ntfs

replace e with the drive you will convert

Note: You CANT change it back to FAT32.
or i just don’t know how to -.-

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